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Getting Rid of Ants, The Most Common Home Invader

Bill Clark Pest Control reminds families that ants are more than a nuisance pest  While homeowners across the country enjoy the warm weather and the sights, smells and activities of the season, they also must contend with increased pest activity. This season, we want to remind homeowners to be on the look out for one […]

What’s Bugging Southeast Texas

Cat Flea

Females lay 4-8 eggs after each blood meal, laying some 400-500 during their lifetime. They usually hatch in 1-12 days. The pre-emerged adult remains in the cocoon for up to 20 weeks, where it is protected from adverse conditions, including pesticides. Adults are stimulated to emerge from the cocoon by mechanical depression for the cocoon, […]

Norway Rat

The Norway rat is also called the brown rat, gray rat, sewer rat, water rat, wharf rat and barn rat. This rat will grow up to 16 inches from nose to tail. The tail is shorter in length than the body. These rats are typically a grayish-brown color, but can be a blackish or reddish-brown. […]

House Mouse

The house mouse is about five to eight inches long and has very large, distinct ears. Their color may range from light brown to almost black. They have a tail that is as long as the head and body combined. Mice have peak activity periods right after dusk and again before dawn. They are primarily […]

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What a great Technician you have in Roy H. He did an outstanding job at my home & enjoyed having him in my home.

Tim H. of Beaumont
I really liked the way Daniel M. did his job.  He did such a good job I want to keep him as my regular technician.

Maria S. of Beaumont