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Knowledge of Mosquito-borne Diseases Should be Top of Mind in Summer

Bill Clark Pest Control prompts public to learn about main mosquito-transmitted illnesses and basic prevention tips  Many people may connect the height of mosquito season, occurring in the summer through early fall, to the irksomely itchy welts that accompany mosquito bites. But, there are far worse associations to make with these blood-sucking pests, such as […]

What’s Bugging Southeast Texas

American Dog Tick

Size: un-engorged 3/16” ; engorged 5/8”x3/8” Color: Brown with whitish to grayish markings The American dog tick gets it common name from the fact that domestic dogs are the favorite host of the adults. Although not a structural pests, it is commonly found on dogs and readily attacks humans. It does not survive well indoors. […]

Bed Bug

So you don’t think that bedbugs are here? Well, Bill Clark Pest Control receives numerous calls daily regarding local infestations of this resurgent pest.

Yellow Jacket

The southern yellow jacket, also known as vespula squamosa, has a black body with yellow characteristic markings on the head, thorax, and abdomen. Workers are about 1/2 inch long, with clear wings. LIFE CYCLE: The colony is initiated by a single queen that survived the winter. The queen is very large and predominately orange, differing from the worker […]

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Gary B. did an outstanding job treating for termites on my house.  He needs a raise for his good work!!

Jim F. of Beaumont
The service I received from Bill Clark Pest Control is so much better that the other pest control company I used previously.  Bugsperts Nate J. and Troy P. did an outstanding job.

Chris R. of Lumberton