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Four Pests We Love to Hate

The top four pests that bug people the most February is a month full of adoration. While love is in the air, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and Bill Clark Pest Control are sharing facts and prevention tips about the main pests many people love to hate—bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders. Nobody enjoys […]

What’s Bugging Southeast Texas

Bumble Bee

Size: 1/4 to 1” Shape: Oval Color: Black with Yellow stripes Bumble Bees are especially beneficial to plants and crops. They help pollinate and are very social insects. Most often they nest or build colonies in ground but will build above ground around the eaves of homes/buildings, roof beams, patio areas and/or decks. Bumble Bees […]

Smokey Brown Cockroach

Smokey Brown Cockroaches are brownish-black in color and usually 1 – 1 1/4″ long. Smokey Brown Cockroaches prefer moist areas such as; wood piles, tree holes, ground covered plants, mulch, soffits and eaves of attics. They usually enter during the night through holes or small areas where lights shine through. Light is an attraction for […]

American Dog Tick

Size: un-engorged 3/16” ; engorged 5/8”x3/8” Color: Brown with whitish to grayish markings The American dog tick gets it common name from the fact that domestic dogs are the favorite host of the adults. Although not a structural pests, it is commonly found on dogs and readily attacks humans. It does not survive well indoors. […]

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Thank you Ronnie S., Troy F., Jason A. and Daniel M. for sticking with us and going above and beyond what was expected. We really admire the work ethics displayed by these four and they are the BEST Bugsperts!!!!

Ricky and Jackie M. of Beaumont
I am happy with the service performed by Mike T. and glad I didn’t have to start naming the termites.

Gwin and Bill G. of Beaumont