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End of Summer Can Still Bring Stingers

Bill Clark Pest Control  reminds the public summer stingers are more aggressive at end of season and encourages caution Summer will be gone before we know it, but that doesn’t mean stinging insects will be leaving us just yet. The public should still be alert when it comes to avoiding stingers, like yellowjackets and wasps, […]

What’s Bugging Southeast Texas

Pharaoh Ant

Size: 1/15” to 1/12” Shape: Segmented, Oval Color: Light yellowish to reddish-brown These species of ants are very difficult to control, because they are so small in size they can get into almost any type of structure. Some Pharaoh Ants when in mature stage are winged but do not fly. The Pharaoh Ant will also […]

Formosan Termite

(Coptotermes formosanus) Formosan Termites were first brought into the U.S. on military ships during WWII. Infestations have increased and expanded across the coastal U.S.  Formosan termites are subterranean termites.  They live in the ground, build mud tubes, have a 3 caste system, etc.  However, they are described as being the more aggressive species compared to the […]

Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow Spider gets its name from a belief that the female eats the male after mating – a phenomenon which rarely happens.  Coloring is typically black with 2 reddish triangular markings usually joined to form a reddish hourglass shaped marking.  These spiders spin an irregular web and suspend themselves from it in an […]

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I just wanted to let you know that you have outstanding employees in all areas and no matter what the issue is, everyone is competent, knowledgeable, helpful, professional and solves the problem.

Rebecca W. of Beaumont
What a great Technician you have in Roy H. He did an outstanding job at my home & enjoyed having him in my home.

Tim H. of Beaumont