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End of Summer Can Still Bring Stingers

Bill Clark Pest Control  reminds the public summer stingers are more aggressive at end of season and encourages caution Summer will be gone before we know it, but that doesn’t mean stinging insects will be leaving us just yet. The public should still be alert when it comes to avoiding stingers, like yellowjackets and wasps, […]

What’s Bugging Southeast Texas

Pharaoh Ant

Size: 1/15” to 1/12” Shape: Segmented, Oval Color: Light yellowish to reddish-brown These species of ants are very difficult to control, because they are so small in size they can get into almost any type of structure. Some Pharaoh Ants when in mature stage are winged but do not fly. The Pharaoh Ant will also […]

Roof Rat

AKA: Black Rat This rat also takes the names of ship rat and house rat. They are an arboreal, or tree-dwelling, species. Roof rats are medium sized and around 16 inches from nose to tail. Their tail is longer than its body. These rats are black or brown with a whitish or gray belly. Roof […]

Chinch Bug

These insects can be important as occasional invaders throughout most of the southern U.S. Their populations develop outdoors, feeding on the grass in lawns, fence rows, and open fields. These are small black and white bugs with wings that extend only about half the length of the abdomen when at rest. Some species also have […]

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I am so grateful for Certified Inspector Mike P. and the service he performed.

Gwen A. of LaBelle
I am so happy that BCPC is performing mosquito fogging in my town.  I can go outside in the early morning hours to get my paper and never get bit by mosquitoes.

Russell A. of Lumberton